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The Right Rug For Your House

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if you went to a rug bazaar, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the choices that are there for you to choose from.

You may find saxony rugs, moroccan rugs, plush rugs and even commercial grade rugs, There are rugs that can be cut to size with rug squares and bound edges, and rugs that can be installed wall to wall.

what you should look for when buying a new rug should not be color, even though it is important, what you should look for when buying a new rug is how much traffic you are going to have on the rug, If you want to put the rug in the living room, then it will receive much more traffic as compared to a rug in the bedroom.

Stain resistance is also important, This is something to take into consideration with any rug, especially rug that is going to be used in a place like a dining room.

although you should buy a rug that is suited to your requirements and needs, choosing a rug based on the type of traffic it will receive can help you save a lot of money down the road.

a rug made of wool is probably the highest quality of rug you can buy, wool rugs can be expensive, but you’ll reap the benefits over the years.

two of the benefits of wool rugs include it’s ability to retain appearance and its natural soil resistance.

The downside to wool rug, is the fact that it is out of reach for a lot of people.

If you can’t buy a wool rug and then install it throughout your home, then you should probably focus on the room that receives the highest amount of traffic and buy a rug for that room.

There are other rugs that you can choose from as well, If you have a high traffic room, then nylon would be a good choice because of the durability and stain resistant.

a olefin rug is also a good choice for high traffic rooms & areas as it is easy to clean and very strong.

a polyester rug is another good rug, the polyester rug repels water based stains and polyester rug is easy to clean, and although it is much less expensive, polyester is known for the feel of wool and the look.

The color of the rug is also important, Dark rugs tend to absorb light, giving the room or the area what many describe as the “cozy feeling”, light colored rugs on the other hand create an effect of a larger space, but light colored rugs do tend to show stains more easily.

When you find a rug that appeals to you, try to ask to take a piece of it home. Look at it at night under an artificial light, and during natural daylight, and see if the color changes at all.

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