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Moroccan Trellis Rugs

Moroccan trellis rugs or berber rugs with trellis style, are some of the best trellis rugs you can buy, and that’s because a lot of moroccan rugs contain geometric symbols, therefore, you don’t have to ask for custom work, plus they are usually made of 100% natural wool.

A moroccan trellis rug is the answer if you want people to notice your room, and specialy your floor.

A moroccan trellis rug can also be a central point in a space, forcing the eyes to focus with your trellis berber rug, and giving a good impression about your sense of interior decoration.

Having an eye catching floor is great, but a moroccan trellis rug can highlight the floor, so your guests can easily see your floor and the look of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What can damage a Moroccan trellis rug?

Anything that can damage a moroccan rug or a wool rug, plus anything that can damage the trellis symbols, like inc for example, oil, paint, or any hard to remove stain.

Are the trellis symbols symmetrical?

We can't guarantee the symmetrical of the trellis symbols, Our trellis rugs are handmade, But that is not a bad thing, because we are talking about a high quality handmade moroccan trellis rugs, made of authentic wool.
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