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Moroccan Rugs

Choosing A Moroccan Rug For A Particular Lifestyle

At any time you choose a moroccan rug, you need to look at a lot of technical and artistic areas.

Let’s be honest, with so many colors and styles being released every year, choosing the right moroccan rug to match your demands can be a difficult thing to do.

Moroccan rugs are available in a lot different designs, constructions, colors, and textures.

Which will result in opening the gates to basically any interior decorating that you can think of.

The combination of color and texture can add continuity to the total area designs, while helping to supplement the look of casual and formal spaces.

Pay a close attention when you try to buy a moroccan rug, to the volume of foot traffic that can be on the rug.

This rug is going to be installed of course.

So pay a close attention also, to the area you wish to use it in.

The texture and the construction are important aspects when you choose a moroccan rug for a specified use and place.

Moroccan Rug Materials

Wool, olefin, and nylon are the utmost generally used fibers with moroccan rug weaving.

Each fiber showing characters that make themselves good with definite uses and applications.

Wool fabric is less resilient than nylon, and brings a considerable level of resistance to stains.

which that wool is a good option for areas like dining rooms or bedrooms.

In general, areas that does not experience a high level of foot traffic.

Nylon is the most resilient and the softet, even though it is also the most expensive.

Nylon is good for any space in your house, including spaces that experience a high level of foot traffic.

Olefin is a dye solution, which gives us a highly resistant stain moroccan rug.

This moroccan rug can be washed easily using beach solution and water.

The best part, there is no loss to the color.

Olefin is mold resistant, mildew, and fade, contrary to other types of fibers.

Which gives us a moroccan rug that do well outdoors and indoors.

Remember however, olefin is not a resilient fiber.

So it must only be given due consideration with berber construction.

Plush moroccan rugs are built with loops that have been trimmed, which gives us strands standing upright.

However, the berber type of moroccan rugs are built with constant level loop.

Moroccan Berber Rugs

Because of their high level loops, berber construction moroccan rugs do not matt or crush.

However, they are uncomfortable to lay down on or sit on, and harder under the foot.

Plus they can quickly become damaged by pets that have long nails.

Moroccan berber rugs aren’t good for bedrooms, because their hard texture makes them a less than attractive option.

However, they are good for high traffic places, like living rooms, entrance areas and walk ways.

Plush Type Moroccan Rugs

The plush type moroccan rugs are a lot softer to walk on and they can give you better thermal and sound insulation.

They tend to matt and crush though when they are put under the pressure of high volume of traffic.

Because of the high resilient feature of nylon and the backing that is received from tight construction, the utilization of nylon paired with a tight low pile construction can aid to reduce the amount of matt and pile crushing,

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